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Offshore Company Incorporation

  • Affordable offshore company formations offer in a variety of tax haven locations;
  • We currently providing offshore company incorporation service in the following jurisdictions:
    • Belize;
    • British Virgin Island;
    • Estonia
    • Hong Kong;
    • Ireland;
    • Seychelles;
    • Netherlands
  • All include government sealed incorporation certificate and register of company officers
  • Can be completed within 2-3 weeks upon the full submission of identification documents require for the registration.
  • Business account setup service is available without physically entering into the country for some jurisdictions.
  • Free telephone Professional business advice and online support out of office hours

Archers incorporates offshore companies in a number of the key offshore jurisdictions.

Offshore companies are incorporated for a wide variety of legitimate uses which allow its owner to:

  • To invest, own residential and commercial property
  • To own intellectual properties
  • To acquire portfolio of business investments
  • To acquire assets where confidentiality of ownership is required.

The locations of the offshore company incorporation we specialize in reflect the popularity of these territories as offshore corporate domiciles which are tailored to bring the best advantage to our clients’ business such as tax advantage and lesser legal restrictions which might affect on business trading.

*Subject to our Company Standard Terms and Conditions

For more information about Archers services in offshore company incorporation and their advantages for business, please send us your enquiries.