DUNS NUMBER For your Business

The Data Universal Numbering System, abbreviated as DUNS, is a proprietary system developed that assigns a unique numeric identifier by a regulated Business Intelligent Identifier, referred to as a “DUNS number” to a single business entity. It was introduced in 1963 to support credit reporting practice. It is considered to be common standard worldwide.
The DUNS database contains over 100 million entries for businesses throughout the world. DUNS users include the European Commission, the United Nations and the United States government. More than 50 global, industry, and trade associations recognize, recommend, or require individual traders and business entities to obtain a DUNS number.

Detail summary of DUNS Number:

  • Approximately 15 business days,
  • A DUNS number may be issued to any business worldwide.
  • Certain countries’ government agencies such as UK, USA and the United Nations offices require that a vendor or certain business have a DUNS number.
  • Some large organization such as Apple requires its affiliate company developers to apply for a DUNS number before joining one of its programs such as the iOS Developer Program.

Advantages of obtaining a DUNs Number for your business:

  • It enhances the credibility of your business in the marketplace on a global scale.
  • It enables potential customers, suppliers and lenders to identify and learn more about your company easier.
  • A DUNS Number ensures more accurate data rationalization. This means that you can have confidence in the quality of information you use to manage your business and you can take data you obtain through the search of the DUN Users and turn it into powerful business information.
  • It is largely recognized or highly recommended or legally required by more than 50 industry and trade associations globally, including the European Commission, the U.S. Federal Government and the United Nations
  • A DUNS Number has become the standard for keeping track of the world’s businesses.

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