About Archers

Archers are being formed by a group of UK legal professionals who have specialised knowledge in Company Law, Commercial Law, UK and International Intellectual Property Law and Private Acquisition.

We encourage the on-going professional development of our associate agents by attending seminars in top law school in the UK and other seminars host by relevant authorities such as the Companies House so our agents have the most up-to-day knowledge for our practice and for our clients’ best interests.

We have close links to law firms and accountancy firms in the UK and other overseas jurisdiction such as in Hong Kong.

With our legal expertise, not only we do company incorporation for our client but we also carry out a number of legal services for you and your company such as company restoration process and registration with the Intellectual Property Office.

We understand that it may be complicated for our clients who do not have the legal knowledge to finalise the entire process. This is why Archers set out to make it easier for our clients, simply give us your instructions and we will do it for you.