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Belize IBC incorporation

Archers as your offshore IBC incorporation partner


Belize offshore IBC is exempt from all local taxes including income tax, dividend tax, capital gain tax and stamp duty on transfer of corporate property, shares, and other corporate financial. Belize offshore company is not required to file tax returns or any other type of report or declaration to the government regarding sources of income.

Privacy and Disclosure

Information about beneficial owners, shareholders, directors and officers is not filed with the Belize government, and not available to the public. Further to note, there are no legal requirements for audited accounts, annual returns (therefore maintain high degree of privacy as there are no public disclosure requirements).

Legal requirements for the IBC formation

In general, a Belize IBC is required to a local registered office address and register a business license (renew annually). Archers offer both of these services as part of our Belize IBC incorporation package.Therefore, you do not need to worry about the legal requirement and we guarantee there will be no hidden or subsequent charges on the incorporation (unless other additional corporate services such as Nominee Officer Services or other specific corporate documents are ordered under your instruction). Only one director and one shareholder are necessary to register a company in Belize and it can be the It allows different classes of shares: it may have bearer shares or registered shares, voting or non-voting shares, and the authorized share capital may or may not have a par value;

Our Belize IBC incorporation service fees:

Please note all services can be selected individually.

Service Fee

(GBP £)

Incorporation of a standard IBC Incorporation
(with authorized shares up of 50,000 shares valued
at nominal value or US$1.00 each)
(it is not required to have all of the shares issued,
but a minimum of one share must be issued))
Service package inclusive of:

Extract from the Belize Company Register

(I). Local registered office address in Belize (One year);
(II). Certificate of Incorporation
(III). Standard Memorandum Articles of Association
(IV). Government registration fee
(V). First allotment of shares
(VI). First appointment of directors

£750 total

DHL Courier Fees


Annual Maintenance Fees:


Local Registered Office Address




Optional Annual Fees:


Nominee Director Service

Nominee Shareholder Service





Other Corporate Support Fees:


Corporate International Bank Account
(Associating Banks: Atlantic International Bank;
British Caribbean Bank or Heritage International Bank)