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Company Dissolution

How to dissolve a UK company or partnership?(Guidance for the procedure)

A private company or partnership that is not-trading in the past three months may apply to be struck-off the Register of Companies. This decision may arise for a number of reasons, in particular when directors/shareholders decide to retire; the business failed to achieve the expectation or simply found a new business which is more profitable than the existing company.


The advantages for dissolve a UK company or partnership:

  • Save costs as to annual filing obligations to the Companies House and the Tax Authority;
  • The UK Companies House will not normally pursue any outstanding late filing penalties unless you restore the company to the register at a later stage;
  • Dissolving a UK company voluntary can avoid the potential high legal expenses when the company is being put under the liquation proceeding by its creditors or shareholders;

What need to be aware of when dissolve a UK company or partnership:

The director who make the application to dissolve a UK company must, within seven days of sending the application to the Registrar a copy of notice of application to the following persons:

  • Shareholder(s);
  • The Board of Directors or partners(in case of a partnership);
  • Creditor(s);
  • Employee(s); and
  • Trustee(s) of pension fund scheme (if any)

Voluntary dissolution

Want to dissolve a company or a partnership? Archers can assist you so you can free yourself from the administrative hustles.

Company can be struck off, the following conditions apply:

  • The company has not traded for at least three months;
  • The company has no assets or cash at the bank;
  • The company has not disposed of any property or assets;
  • The creditors are circulated, requesting their permission for the company to be dissolved.

Price: £120 plus VAT

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