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Company Formation Netherlands

Incorporation of a standard BV Incorporation £1250 total Service package inclusive of:

Extract from the BV Company Register

  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Standard Memorandum Articles of Association
  • Government registration fee
  • First allotment of shares
  • First appointment of directors
  • English incorporation act and notary costs for the incorporation all included.
Annual Maintenance Fees:

Local Registered Office Address £1350 (Includes documents international courier service)

Other Corporate Support Fees:

Corporate Bank Account £350 (Includes documents international courier service)

*Subject to our Company Standard Terms and Conditions
The Netherlands is a founding member of the European Union and the World Trade Organisation which emphasising it’s role at the heart of Europe. As the 5th largest economy in Europe, it has a stable and successful economy with GDP per capita $42,300 in year 2010-2011. It is well established that investment policy in Netherland is considered to be one of the most liberal in the world. This is one of the key element that has effectively attracted numerous of high profile international companies to register a company in Netherlands either as a subsidiaries or branches to represent the overseas parent companies. Further to note that Netherland government has enacted a new company law legislation which now allows a private limited company (BV) to be registered with a minimum share capital of just one euro which has further increase the level of flexibility for people to initiate a Netherland BV incorporation.

Benefits of register a company in Netherlands (“BV”):

  • The Netherlands has a liberal tax regime including an extensive network of double-taxation treaties;
  • BV has the ongoing obligation to keep and maintain an administration, to register for tax purposes and to file periodical tax returns;
  • the minimum share capital is €1 for register a company in Netherlands;
  • There is no minimum capital requirement applies anymore in order to register a company in Netherlands, and hence, the BV does from legal perspective no longer require a (Dutch) bank account.;
  • There are no legal requirements for a BV to have substance in the Netherlands. The only legal requirement is that the BV has a registered address in order to register a company in Netherlands. (From a tax perspective it is highly recommendable to have at least a Dutch registered address and a majority of Dutch resident directors. This is generally perceived as the minimum substance require ment to qualify for treaty benefits);
  • BVs are allowed to denominate their share capital in currency other than the euro;
  • Shareholders’ liability is restricted to capital contribution;
  • There is no nationality requirement for shareholders for register a company in Netherlands;
  • Audited accounts must be filed with Chamber of Commerce;