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Register a company in British Virgin Island (BVI)

  • Affordable offshore company formations offer in a variety of tax haven locations;
  • We currently providing offshore company incorporation service in the following jurisdictions:
    • Belize  From £350
    • British Virgin Island From £380
    • Estonia From £680
    • Hong Kong From £550
    • Ireland
    • Seychelles From £350
    • Netherlands From £1150
  • All include government sealed incorporation certificate and register of company officers
  • Can be completed within 2-3 weeks upon the full submission of identification documents require for the registration.
  • Business account setup service is available without physically entering into the country for some jurisdictions.
  • Free telephone Professional business advice and online support out of office hours

Why register a company in BVI (“IBC”)?

IBC’s are the basic building blocks of the offshore financial services industry in BVI and has attained a flexible organizational structure and model status in the offshore business industry.

BVI is by far the most popular offshore tax haven with more than 650,000 total incorporations and more than 5000 new companies registered every month due to the high legal protection and benefits provided by the BVI Business Companies Act 2005. The Act has effectively remove the discrimination issue on foreign traders to register a company in BVI, namely the distinction between a local company and an offshore company , specifically addressed the issue of illegal discrimination by replacing it with one unified form of company – An IBC continues to enjoys tax exemption entitlements and other benefits derive from local legislation.

Benefits of register a company in BVI (“IBC”):

  • US dollar is the official currency in the BVI – therefore, there is no currency controls and no artificial manipulation of money supply by the local government;
  • BVI has an independent judicial system based on English Common Law. Laws and regulations are routinely developed in consultation with the private sector;
  • It has an outstanding political stability and maintains a low international profile and a clean reputation. Many international traders or established companies show a preference to register a company in BVI than in other jurisdictions based on the reason stated above;
  • It is tax-free and exchange control-free Limited Liability Company provided all its profit-earning activities must be conducted outside BVI. (But an IBC may lease an office in BVI);
  • It is best for leasing and property estate purchase business;
  • Shares held in an IBC may be denominated in any currency;
  • There are no minimum capital requirements to register a company in BVI;
  • There are no legal requirements for audited accounts, annual returns (Maintain high degree of privacy as there are no public disclosure requirements);
  • No restriction on the nationality of the company officers as there are no requirements of a local director or secretary and to call general meeting in annual basis;
  • Only one director and one shareholder are necessary and it can be the same individual;
  • The only document presented for public filing at the registry is the Memorandum and Articles of Incorporation;

Incorporation of a standard IBC Incorporation £380 total
(with authorized shares up to 50,000 shares with
nominal value or US$1.00 each ) –

Service package inclusive of:
Extract from the BVI Company Register
(i).Certificate of Incorporation
(ii).Standard Memorandum Articles of Association
(iii).Government registration fee
(iv).First allotment of shares
(v). First appointment of directors

Annual Maintenance Fees:
Local Registered Office Address £420
Optional Annual Fees:
Nominee Director Service £350
Nominee Shareholder Service £350

*Subject to our Company Standard Terms and Conditions

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