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  • Fast Limited Liability Partnership formation with efficient professional service
  • Including a LLP incorporation certificate and a standard Partnership Agreement
  • Free telephone Professional business advice and online support out of office hours
  • Barclays Bank Plc fast track business bank account
  • No hidden or extra charge, all charges for the legal drafting to effect the standard partnership agreement are inclusive
  • Application will be made on the same day upon receiving the required doucment and the LLP will be set up within 1-2 week

From: £80 plus VAT

What is Limited Liability Partnership and its benefits?

A Limited Liability Partnership is an alternative form of legal entity that was created to give limited liability to traditional partnerships as well as a legal alternative to forming a limited liability company.

In general, Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs) combine the benefits of corporate status namely a separate legal personality from its members and unlimited capacity and the ability to operate and be taxed as a self-employed partner.

Unlike limited liability companies, LLPs are under no legal obligation to file Article of Association at Companies House. Instead partners who register a LLP will form their partnership agreement to define their partnership relations and profit-sharing arrangements, decision-making structure and other internal rules concern with their partnership.

The process to register a LLP is straightforward as there is no need to appoint directors, however, LLP members do have responsibility for the partnership’s business activities in the same way as a director. In addition, the “designated” member partners have particular responsibility for ongoing compliance for the partnership.

The Benefits of Register a LLP:

  • Register a LLP is a convenient device for formalising a business relationship than a limited company as partnership agreement is a private document and not subject to public disclosure.
  • The entity structure does not limit to individuals, it allows both UK companies or overseas companies to form a LLP.
  • Register a LLP can simplify the tax and profit relationship between individual partners or/and corporate partners.
  • By register a LLP, the LLP partners are entitled to a number of partner’s tax allowance and in particular, individual partners are entitled to tax relief exemption such as entrepreneur relief.

To thrive, register a LLP as a device to carry out business trades is indeed a very popular choice with professional practices such as lawyers, accountants and surveyors, but this type of entity is also used in other practices or circumstances where their flexibility in term of entity structure or special tax relief status are considered to be more advantageous than a limited liability company.

Why choosing archers as your company formation agent and to register a LLP with us?

  • We can provide service to register a LLP on the same day together with tailor-made LLP agreement with specified clauses in accordance to your business needs for the partnership and the partners’ specification.
  • Our simple online order form to register a LLP is tailor made it easy for our clients to use;
  • We provide the necessary legal documents guarantee the legitimacy of our arrangement with you;
  • Our associates have attended and completed the legal academic stage of training at leading UK Law Schools, guarantee the professional will give you advices you need to structure your business.
  • With our associates’ knowledge and expertise in UK company law and business management structure, we make sure you company is in line with the statutory requirements and annual tax obligation;
  • We are different to other company formation agencies. Not only we have qualified legal experts in the field to assist you with your business structure but we examine fully as to what would be the best for your business venture with tailor made corporate solutions;
  • We operate our business with utmost care and responsible manner. There are no hidden charges or activation fees on our client.
  • We offer free telephone helpline during office hours and online chat service out of office hour tailor made for international clients who are in different time zones.
  • We offer company registered office address service; this is particular useful for international clients who do not currently have office in the UK and for those who are trading through e-commerce platform (internet based businesses).