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Register LTD with Bearer Shares

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  • This is a Private Company (“Ltd”) with same share capital as Ltd, but this attach with the share warrants, a not indicating shareholding.
  • Complementary set of company incorporation documents
  • UK based online support
  • A set of share warrants
  • Can be registered in 15min and set up working 2-3 working day
  • Selection of ancillary business support service options for post incorporation

From: £180 plus VAT

Register LTD with Bearer Shares?

Register LTD with bearer shares involves the incorporation of a private limited liability company (“LTD”) but instead of having ordinary shares presented by a share certificate, the bearer shares are represented by a share warrant which allows the bearer share holder to claim ownership and rights which attach to the shares.

Register LTD with Bearer Shares vs. Register LTD with Ordinary Registered Shares

In a nutshell, bearer shares are a type of freely transferable securities, which only by ownership demonstrate participation in a company. For registered shares, the name of the owner must be entered in the company shareholder’s register. Any changes in ownership of the share endorsement can only be effected by an amendment on company registry and must give notification to the government Company Registrar. In some cases, a legal proceeding may be required to validate the corporate transaction.

By contrast, once shares have been placed in bearer share warrants any person who has them in their possession is recognized as the owner of those shares in the company. The ownership of the bearer shares can be easily transferred to a third party by physical delivery of the share warrant and the transfer does not required to be register with the company or to produce any paperwork to notify the official company registrar because only the amount of bearer shares that were issued to create the company and their numeration are shown on the share warrant, without making any reference to their owners. It is akin to the operation of a banker’s cheque, whereby any person presenting it can collect the fund contained therein.

Advantages of Register LTD with Bearer Shares

  • Simplicity and rapid transmission. It is extremely easy to convey a LTD with bearer shares. The shares may be transferred to third party by delivery and the transfer does not need to be registered with the company
  • Cost savings. There is no need for any legal processing or notification to government company registrar to effect on the change the ownership of the bearer shares. It is not necessary to go to any notary or registration. It is also possible to avoid the tax on the bearer shares transfer on the basis that the titles will not be documented, there will be no evidence of disposal or transmission and therefore there will not amount to a disposal which give rise to a reserve tax event.
  • High level of Privacy. The bearer share holders remain in complete anonymity, since they details will not be documented in the company shareholders register or any corporate document. A change in the ownership of the shareholding will be a completely private and confidential transmission.

One practical issue with a company places its entire shares capital in bearer shares may experience difficulties in administering the company due to reasons that no registered members render difficult to hold annual general meeting (To note, there is no legal requirement for a private LTD company to hold members’ general meeting on annual basis. Only public companies are required by UK law to hold general meeting for its members). For this reason, it is common to find at least one different class of shares is held within the company.

Why choosing archers as your company formation agent and to register LTD with bearer shares?

Setting up a business involves a number of knowledge and steps that need to be followed if you want to get things right when register LTD with bearer shares. At Archers, we help you to draft the necessary company article clauses give effect on the register LTD with bearer shares together with on-going business advice to ensure your business venture to achieve a positive result.

  • We will draft the company article clauses to allow the register LTD with bearer shares;
  • Our simple online order form tailor made it easy for our clients to use;
  • We provide the necessary legal documents guarantee the legitimacy of our arrangement with you and the register LTD with bearer shares;
  • Our associates have attended and completed the legal academic stage of training at leading UK Law Schools, guarantee the professional will give you advices you need to structure your business.
  • With our associates’ knowledge and expertise in UK company law and business management structure, we make sure you company is in line with the statutory requirements and annual tax obligation;
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  • We offer free telephone helpline during office hours and online chat service out of office hour tailor made for international clients who are in different time zones.
  • We offer company registered office address service; this is particular useful for international clients who do not currently have office in the UK and for those who are trading through e-commerce platform (internet based businesses).