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Register UK Branch for Overseas Companies

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  • Professional branch establishment set up to represent your overseas company
  • Including the certificate of UK branch establishment
  • Free telephone Professional business advice and online support out of office hours
  • The initial process can take up to 2-3 months for the approval of the authority
  • Free UK business bank account set up for UK residents.

From: £150 plus VAT

Why register a UK Branch for overseas companies and its benefits?

This form of entity is specifically for overseas company is intending to expand their businesses within Great Britain either to carry out business trades or to represent the overseas companies. It is important to note that every overseas company that establishes a permanent place of business or a Branch is under a legal obligation to comply with the UK branch for overseas companies registration requirements with UK Companies House.

The benefits of register a UK branch for overseas companies:

  • Beneficial for overseas companies to expand their businesses by register a UK branch for overseas companies to cover local areas in the UK or simply to establish a permanent place of business having local representatives to represent their business trades/brands.
  • The overseas companies of a country with which the UK has a Double Taxation Treaty will be able to take benefits afford by the Treaty;
  • Although the profit of a trade carried on in the UK may be chargeable to either income tax or corporate tax but overseas parent companies may be able to avoid the UK domestic tax policies under the Double Taxation Treaty. For branches merely for representation or advertisement of the overseas companies without any business trading are not subject to UK domestic charge to tax.

Register a UK branch for overseas companies involves a number of knowledge and procedural steps that need to be followed if you want to get things right. At Archers, we help you to comply with all legal requirements for the registration together with on-going business advice to ensure your business venture to achieve a positive result.

  • Our simple online order form for register a UK branch for overseas companies tailor made it easy for our clients to use;
  • Our associates have attended and completed the legal academic stage of training at leading UK Law Schools, guarantee the professional will give you advices you need to structure your business.
  • With our associates’ knowledge and expertise in UK company law and business management structure, we make sure you company is in line with the statutory requirements and annual tax obligation;
  • We are different to other company formation agencies. Not only we have qualified legal experts in the field to assist you with your business structure but we examine fully as to what would be the best for your business venture with tailor made corporate solutions;
  • We operate our business with utmost care and responsible manner. There are no hidden charges or activation fees on our client.
  • We offer free telephone helpline during office hours and online chat service out of office hour tailor made for international clients who are in different time zones.
  • We offer company registered office address service; this is particular useful for international clients who do not currently have office in the UK and for those who are trading through e-commerce platform (internet based businesses).