Apostille Service

Get your documents apostilled and legalised by the UK Legalisation Office – Fast track service
£ 105
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Apostille Documents
4-7 working days Standard service

It usually takes 4-7 working days for the UK Legalisation Office to complete the legalisation/apostille of a document. For UK return address only.

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£ 145
per document
Apostille Documents
4-7 working days Standard service

It usually takes 4-7 working days for the UK Legalisation Office to complete the legalisation/apostille of a document. For a return to an overseas address outside the UK. Secure tracked delivery included.

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£ 265
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Apostille Documents
2-3 working days, Expedited Service

With the Expedited Service, it will take within 2-3 working days for the UK Legalisation Office to complete the legalisation/apostille of a document. Secure tracked delivery included.

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Apostille Service FAQ

Get your documents certified and legalised (“Apostille”) FAQs

What does ‘Apostille’ mean?

The word ‘apostille’ means ‘certification’ and ‘notarization’ It is commonly used in English to refer to the legalisation of an official document.

What is the apostille Certificate?

The apostille certificate is a small certificate approximately 15cm wide by 17cm long. It is affixed to valid UK documents required for official use abroad. The apostille serves to validate the authenticity of official signatures or seals present on the document to which it is attached. Many countries have mutually agreed, under international law, to both issue and recognize apostilles from each other, facilitating easier cross-border acceptance of documents.

When do I need an apostille?

If you possess a document issued by a country that belongs to The Hague Convention and you are submitting it in another member country of The Hague Convention, you will probably require an apostille. Failure to obtain an apostille when requested may result in your document being rejected for acceptance.

Can all documents be issued with an apostille?

Almost all documents originating from the UK are eligible for an apostille certificate, with only a few exceptions such as home office documents intended solely for use within the UK. If your document cannot be legalized, we will promptly inform you and issue a full refund for our services.

How do I deliver my documents?

We highly advise customers to opt for a guaranteed or secure delivery method when sending their important documents to our office. Royal Mail provides a special delivery service, while other UK courier companies offer next-day or signed-for delivery options. If you opt for regular first-class post, please be aware that you won't be able to track missing documents, and there is no insurance coverage.

Can you send my completed documents to someone else?

Yes. We can send your document(s) directly to your designated individual, bank or business. Simply give us your mailing instructions in writing via email and we will send the documents to that designated address with a courier tracking reference for you to track the mail.

How does the service work?

You can send us an email enquiry to place an order request and the country/countries the apostilled/ notarised document(s) will be used in as well as your delivery address for returning the document(s). Once we have your order enquiry and the required information, we will then send you an invoice with our company bank details for you to make a payment transfer and request to forward the original document(s) to us. Upon the receipt of invoice payment, we will present the original document(s) to our associate UK solicitor firm to certify the document(s) and to submit the certified document(s) to the UK Legalisation Office to apostille/notarised the document. Once the apostilled/notarised document(s) is complete, we will then dispatch the document(s) to you by Royal Mail (UK return address) or DHL courier service (Overseas return address).

What is Embassy Attestation?

Embassy attestation is required solely when your document is utilized in a non-Hague Convention member country. Conversely, if your document is intended for use in a country adhering to the Hague Convention's standards for apostille issuance and acceptance, an apostille certificate suffices without the need for embassy attestation.

Is the apostille Guaranteed?

We guarantee to issue the apostille on any genuine UK document that is correctly presented. Should your document lack proper signatures, stamps, or certifications, we will collaborate with you, offering assistance or guidance to ensure its legalization. In the event that we are unable to issue the apostille for your document, we guarantee a refund of the apostille fee.

*Our service process time for standard application is a general estimate The turnaround time may be subject to changes depending on the workload of the authority. Please note – The turnaround for standard application may take longer than usual due to the Covid situation. Please make an enquiry with us for further information.