Company Administrative Restoration

Company Administrative Restoration

Incl. Treasury Solicitor fee and Restoration application fee.

What is an administrative restoration?

If the company was dissolved through non-compliance of the statutory filing requirements, for example, late filing or non-filing of documents, then the company can be restored to the register through administrative restoration.

Once the restoration application is confirmed by the Registrar, the director may then request the Crown to release the fund which was confiscated due to the Company dissolution, if applicable.

What are the requirements for restoration?

  • You are a former director or former shareholder. 
  • The company was struck off the register, through non-compliance of statutory requirements (ie. failed to file accounts or an annual return). 
  • The company was dissolved by the Registrar of Companies within the last 6 years from the date of the dissolution.
Company Administrative Restoration FAQ

Company Administrative Restoration FAQs

Are Treasury Solicitors and Registrar of Companies fees included in the price?


Will the company be required to file missing annual accounts, annual confirmation statements and pay late filing penalties (if any)?


How long the restoration will take?

The company restoration process will take approximately 1-2 months upon the submission of the application, all outstanding annual filing documents, and late filing penalty (If applicable) to the authority.