Company Voluntary Dissolution

Company Dissolution

What is a Voluntary Company Dissolution?

If a limited company is no longer required, the directors can make a voluntary application to wind up the company with the Companies House register. After dissolution is finalised, the company no longer legally exists. 

How it works:

We will complete all the necessary documentation filing to dissolve your company and then forward the documents to you to be signed by the company directors. Once we receive the signed documents from you, we will complete the filing with the Registrar on your behalf. Companies House will inform you by letter to your registered office when the company is dissolved.

Company Voluntary Dissolution FAQ

Company Voluntary Dissolution FAQs

Is the Companies House filing fee included in the price?


How many directors need to sign the document?

The majority of the directors in the company must sign the document. If the company has 2 directors, then both must sign the document. It is mandatory for the company to have at least one director in order to prepare the dissolution form.

Can all Limited Companies file a dissolution request?

A company cannot apply for a voluntary dissolution under the following circumstances:
– It has traded within the last 3 months.
– It has changed company name within the last 3 months.
– It is subject to legal proceedings.
– It has made a disposal for the value of property or rights.

How long does it take to dissolve the company?

It usually takes 7-10 working days for the UK authority to process the application and upon their approval of the application, the company strike-off notice will then be published in the UK Gazette for a period of 2-3 months. The Company will be dissolved accordingly If there is no proposed objection to the company dissolution.

Should I close my company’s business bank account?

If your company has a bank account with money deposited in the account, then it is advisable to inform the bank with regard to the proposed dissolution and to close the bank account. From the date a company is dissolved, its bank account will be frozen and any money in the account, together with any assets in the company's name, will pass to the Crown.

Is it required to file Annual Accounts and a Confirmation Statement whilst the company is in the process of dissolution?

The company is required to file the last annual account and pay all liabilities ie. corporation tax before it should proceed with the dissolution application. After Companies House receives the dissolution application, you will not be required to file a Confirmation Statement.