Dormant Company Accounts

Dormant company account filing

What are dormant company accounts? 

Dormant company accounts are a highly simplified form of accounts that include just a balance sheet detailing the company’s share capital. Companies that are dormant (not trading) for Companies House’s purposes are permitted to file this type of accounts.

Accounts are not to be confused with the confirmation statement. A Confirmation Statement is a snapshot of general information about a company (not financial information). Both must be filed with Companies House on an annual basis. Please contact us if you are unsure which is due, and we can check for you.

How often must Dormant Company Accounts be filed?

Dormant accounts must be filed every year. The fact a company is dormant does not exempt it from fulfilling the requirement to deliver annual accounts to the Companies House.

Dormant Company Accounts FAQ

Dormant Company Accounts FAQs

What is a Dormant Company?

A limited company is deemed to be dormant if it’s had no 'significant business transactions' since its incorporation or since the last filing of accounts. Simply put, a company is dormant if it has not traded.

What details do you need to file my dormant company accounts?

To file your dormant accounts, we will need your company name, registration number, and authentication code. We’ll also need you to answer our short online questionnaire. The questionnaire will ask you to confirm that your company is eligible to file dormant accounts, whether any shares have been paid up, and the name of the director(s) who will sign off on the accounts.

How long does it take to file my dormant company accounts?

The processing time for the Standard Service is 24-48 hours (excluding weekends and Bank Holidays).

Is there a penalty for filing late dormant company accounts?

Yes. Failure to file any set of accounts (including dormant accounts) with Companies House will automatically incur a late filing penalty.
– Not more than one month £150
– More than one month but not more than three months £375
– More than three months but not more than six months £750
– More than six months £1500

We cannot be held responsible for any late penalties or fines incurred as a result of purchasing the service within 15 days of the due date.

Can LLPs file dormant accounts?

Yes. However, Limited liability partnerships are not eligible to submit dormant accounts via the Companies House online filing system. You would need to submit the accounts in paper application directly to Companies House.