Hong Kong Company Formation

Hong Kong Company Formation

Inlclude 1 year registered office address and Nominee Secretary

What are the advantages for registering a company in Hong Kong?

  • Hong Kong is world-renowned for its territorial tax system, a low tax regime and the company registration process is relatively simple hence making it one of the most business-friendly jurisdictions in the world. 
  • Corporate tax rate of 8.25% on the first $2 million (HKD) profits Corporate tax rate is 16.5% for profit after the first $2 million (HKD)
  • There is no capital gain tax, value added tax (VAT) or tax on dividends. There are no withholding taxes levied on dividends and interest. 
  • Since Hong Kong has adopted the territorial tax system, where only income profit sourced in Hong Kong is subject to its local tax, companies will not be subject to double taxation on any income they earn outside Hong Kong.

How to set up a limited liability company in Hong Kong

  • It needs at least one person to be the director/shareholder of the company
  • A local HK resident secretary
  • A designated representative – a natural person residing in Hong Kong who is a director, employee or shareholder of the company or an accounting or legal professional or a person licensed to carry on a business of trust or company service provider (TCSP).
  • There is no minimum share capital requirement in an HK company. However, the most common practice is to have a share capital of about $10,000 (HKD). Ie. The share capital is represented by $10,000 (HKD) ordinary shares of HKD 1.00 per share, because the minimum paid-up capital in Hong Kong for one share is $1(HKD).
Hong Kong Company Formation FAQ

Hong Kong Company Formation FAQs

What documents are required in order to set up the company.

Certified copy of the passport and a recent proof of residential address of the director(s) and shareholder(s) of the company.

Documents are required to be in English or translated to English by a certified translator and the documents are required to be notarised by a practising notary public.

How long the company formation would take?

It usually takes around 7-10 working days upon receipt of the required KYC documents from the director(s)/shareholder(s) of the company.