Registering Corporation Tax

Register for Corporate Tax

Corporation Tax Registration 

You must register your company for corporation tax within 3 months of starting to do business. This includes buying, selling (goods/services), advertising, renting a property, and employing staff.

What information we will need from you in order to complete the corporation tax registration for the business?

  • Company’s registration number
  • Company’s unique tax reference (“UTR”)
  • The date you started to do business (your company’s first accounting period will start from this date)
  • The date your annual accounts are made up to
Registering Corporation Tax FAQ

Registering Corporation Tax FAQs

What is the Unique Tax Reference (“UTR”) number?

It is a unique set of numbers used by HMRC to identify your firm for the purpose of corporation tax and you will need to provide to the tax office whenever you would like to make an enquiry with the authority.

How to get the UTR tax reference?

The HMRC CT department usually issues the UTR tax reference letter within 7-10 days from the date of incorporation.

What happens if I lost my company UTR reference?

Your 10-digit UTR will be on all letters from HMRC. Alternatively, you may also request the authority to re-issue a letter confirming the company UTR reference. Please contact us if you need more help on this.