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Seychelles IBC incorporation

Archers as your offshore IBC incorporation partner

Seychelles has grown to become one of the most attractive destinations for financial services and structuring as a jurisdiction in the Indian Ocean region. With the rapidly growing financial sector, linked to the establishment of the Seychelles International Business Authority and the introduction of progressive laws facilitate the establishment of offshore structures and encouraging inward investments. Seychelles government avoided entering any information-sharing agreements with foreign countries for the exchange of financial aid. Hence, the high level of confidentiality is robustly enshrined in the Seychelles corporate and business legislation. At Archers, we provide offshore company registration services in Seychelles and all the post incorporation corporate support services required for the smooth operation and maintenance of your Seychelles IBC. Our corporate support services include provision of the Local Registered Address, provision of nominee directors and shareholders, bank account introductions, mail forwarding, custody of documents, preparation of corporate documentation, secretarial services and a number of further ancillary services. We work for individual clients and professional clients, such as other offshore company agents (retailers), qualified accountants and solicitors worldwide.

Find the best solution to protect your Asset:

An IBC is the most versatile offering company available in Seychelles and it is allowed to undertake any kind of business activities any part of the world outside. An IBC is a non-resident and tax free company as long as the business activity is being carried out outside Seychelles.

Legal requirements for the IBC formation

In general, a Seychelles IBC is required to a local registered office address and register a business license (renew annually). Archers offer both of these services as part of our Seychelles IBC incorporation package. Therefore, you do not need to worry about the legal requirement and we guarantee there will be no hidden or subsequent charges on the incorporation (unless other additional corporate services such as Nominee Officer Services or other specific corporate documents are ordered under your instruction).

Only one director and one shareholder are necessary to register a company in Seychelles and it can be the same individual.;


Please note all services can be selected individually.

Service Fee

(GBP £)

Incorporation of a standard IBC Incorporation
(there is no minimum or maximum capital for a Seychelles
International Business Company, you may choose to
subscribe any nominal amount ie. 100USD -Nominal Value
to start an IBC)

Service package inclusive of:

Extract from the Belize Company Register

(I). Local Registered Office (One year – subject to renewal)
(II). Certificate of Incorporation
(III). Standard Memorandum Articles of Association
(IV). Government registration fee
(V). First allotment of shares
(VI). First appointment of directors

£675 total

Incorporation of a standard IBC Incorporation with
Nominee Director Services


Annual Maintenance Fees:


Local Registered Office Address




Optional Annual Fees:


Nominee Director Service

Nominee Shareholder Service





Other Corporate Support Fees:


Corporate Bank Account

Banking institution includes:

Barclays, BMI & Lloyd (St.Vincent and Grenadines)

Each bank has its standard activation cost
(Deposit at the bank):

Barclays – 100 000 USD
BMI – 5 000 USD/EUR
Lloyd – 450 USD